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Farm Fresh Answers: Young Farmer’s Perspective

Growing up on a family farm and getting involved at a young age inspired a passion for agriculture for McLean County farmer Justin Maitland.

Check out the challenges and opportunities he sees on the horizon as he looks to continue the tradition of farming for his family.

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Farm Fresh Podcast: Spring into Safety

Picking the right date for planting can be a bit of a guessing game for farmers as they watch the weather and soil conditions. Gerald Thompson talks about factors influencing planting progress and discusses farm safety in this week’s Farm Fresh Podcast.

Advances in technology like rear view cameras and seatbelts can help protect farmers and motorists, but it’s always important to slow down and pass with caution.

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Farm Fresh Podcast: Technology for Precise Planting

Straight rows are more than just a pretty picture. For farmers, it’s all about optimal spacing to give each plant equal access to sunlight, water and nutrients.

Check out how today’s technology allows farmers to be precise and what it takes to grow a crop in this week’s Farm Fresh Podcast with local farmer Rick Dean.

Tune in every Wednesday at 12:45 for the Farm to Table segment on WJBC.


Strip till is  one of the farming techniques Rick Dean uses on his farm.

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