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Farm Fresh Podcast: Fall on the Farm

As the growing season winds down at Triple M Farm, farmer Greg Anderson shares what’s ahead for the winter months.

Find out about the Thanksgiving bag to add some locally grown vegetables to your Thanksgiving feast and more in this week’s Farm Fresh Podcast.

Listen for the Farm to Table segment on WJBC Radio every Wednesday at 12:45 p.m.

Farm Fresh Podcast: That’s A Wrap

With harvest recently completed for the Maitland Family Farm, Justin Maitland shares how the corn and soybean yields turned out plus takes a look ahead to fall field work.

Tune in every Wednesday at 12:45 for the Farm to Table segment on WJBC Radio. 

Farm Fresh Podcast: Love Your Nutrients

Check out the story behind the ‘Love Your Nutrients’ parody video and find out how farmers keep their nutrients for the crop with creator Drew Wieland.

Hear the Farm to Table segment every Wednesday at 12:45 p.m. on WJBC Radio.


Farm Fresh Podcast: Look Beyond the Label

 From “gluten-free” to “natural,” take a look beyond the labels to the farm level with Dr. Jennifer Barnes, Assistant Professor of Nutrition at Illinois Sate University.

Barnes participated in Ag Day Friday, October 21 as part of the the Leadership McLean County program and shares her experience on in our Farm Fresh Podcast.

Tune in every Wednesday at 12:45 p.m. for the “Farm to Table” segment on WJBC Radio.

Farmers Work to Keep their Nutrients for the Crop

Farmers love their nutrients and don’t want them to leave the farm! Check out this video to see how farmers work to keep them for the crop.

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